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Perfect your shot.

Whether you're a professional athlete or a kid, we can help you improve your game & remain injury-free.


At Hodson Academy, we've worked with countless athletes to help them improve their shooting form and overall performance. Fred Hodson (owner) has worked with NBA players, WNBA players, and Division 1, NAIA Champions. Choose Hodson Academy and perfect your technique today.

The Hodson Method

By use of cutting-edge technology and years of experience and expertise, our proven system helps ensure you reach your peak athletic ability.

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Data Collection & Biomechanical Analysis

Apply our biomechanical knowledge to interpret the collected data and look for deviations from ideal movement patterns, joint angles, or ranges of motion. Identify any potential risk factors for injury.


Injury Prevention

Develop a personalized injury prevention plan. This may include targeted exercises, corrective movements, and advice on modifying training or daily activities. The goal is to address identified issues and improve movement patterns to reduce injury risk.


Peak Performance


We will work with you to improve your technique, which will not only prevent injury, but also help you achieve your elite athletic ability.

Hodson Academy | Basketball Shooting Coach | Nashville, TN

Change your game.

What Our Clients Say

"Over the past couple of years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, getting to know and working with Coach Hodson 'The Shot Doctor'; as he has been a special guest at my Hoops & Standards Leadership Camps in Fort Wayne, Indiana! As a former college/NBA player, high school/college coach, and trainer I have been blown away by The Shot Doctor’s massive knowledge on the science and technique on shooting; along with the necessary and proper steps to maximize a player’s longevity, potential and health! 


I wish I had met him earlier in my career, as I may have had a healthier and longer career!  All serious ballers need the SHOT DOCTOR!!"

Hodson Academy | Basketball Shooting Coach | Nashville, TN
Walter Jordan
- Purdue University from 1975 - 1978.
- NCAA two-time team MVP
- NCAA three-time All-Big Ten
- NCAA two time 1st Team All-Big Ten
- Purdue Hall of Fame
- Won a gold medal with Larry Bird


"Just through one workout with him he was able to help me with my balance and help me focus on getting the left side of my lower body to engage on my jump shot. He pointed some things out that I hadn’t been aware of about being balanced and symmetrical when it comes to shooting."

Hodson Academy | Basketball Shooting Coach | Nashville, TN
Tim Leavell 
- Indiana State Championship with Marion High School
- Single game record holder 55 points

“Working with The Shot Doctor has been huge for me. It was great to see my shot broken down to a level of detail I had never seen before and has helped me in my approach to not only shot mechanics but all other aspects of the game...By making an adjustment to my base I’ve been able to develop a more balanced jump shot which has taken so much pressure off of my knee, relieving that pain. The results were immediate which made it clear that these were changes I needed to make permanently..."

Hodson Academy | Basketball Shooting Coach | Nashville, TN
Evan Maxwell
- University of Kansas,
​Indiana Wesleyan University National
- Championship 2018
Professional player

“In the years that I've known coach Hodson, he's consistently been passionate about learning the latest techniques and strategies to make players' shots better.”

Hodson Academy | Basketball Shooting Coach | Nashville, TN
Jeff Clark​
- Indiana Wesleyan Associate Head Coach
- IWU has a record of 433-98 (.815) with Coach Clark
- Helped win 3 NAIA National Championships at IWU

"After working with Shot Doctor, it helped me develop better mechanics when shooting and helped me be more consistent on my shot."

Jalen Jackson.HEIC
 Jalen Jackson
- D1 Purdue Fort Wayne and Univ of  Chicago
- Indiana All Star

Players We've Worked With

Darius Garland Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)
Robert Covington Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)
Garrison Matthews Atlanta Hawks (NBA)
Scottie Pippen Jr Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)
Skyy Clark (U of Louisville) 
ZZ Clark (HS)
Evan Maxwell (Pro Overseas)
Connor Essegian (University Wisconsin)
Jalen Jackson (Purdue Fort Wayne)

Indiana Wesleyan University Team (3-time National Champions)

Book a Movement Analysis


We work with players of all skill levels, from beginners to professional all-stars. Book a session with us and see the results for yourself.

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